Creative Diy Ways To Reuse Old Cd’s

Creative Diy Ways To Reuse Old Cd’s

CDs are something that we can find in almost every single household, these CDs have many different uses as they can be used for decoration purposes or for carrying some stuff. You might have some various old CDs lying around and you might be having difficulty in placing the CDs then you can repurpose these discs. There are many different ideas that you can use in order to repurpose CDs and here you will some of them. With the help of these ideas you can reuse any type of CD that you can find and you can reuse in whatever style that you want.

Decorate A Guitar
If you like playing music and you own a guitar then you should probably decorate it in a unique way. One way to do it would be by using CDs. For this you need a few CD’s and break them in random small pieces, then do a little collage work with the small pieces. The result will be a beautiful guitar.

Decorate Flower Pots
Decorating a flower pot with the help of CD’s is pretty much the same as decorating a guitar. This is because you have to do the same process, just on a smaller scale. If you like to decorate flower pots and other random objects, then you should probably do it using CD’s.

This particular idea is mainly for professionals as it requires a lot of time and patience. Making sculptures using CD’s is not at all an easy task and it can take up to weeks and even months to complete. However if you have the time then you should probably do it.

These were a few ways with which you can reuse or repurpose old CD’s in the best possible manner. It is not necessary to throw away anything that gets old as you can reuse it in a better way.