A bottle cap is something which you hardly notice, especially if it is a bottle cap of a beverage then the chances of getting noticed is minimal. Throwing away of the bottle cap is something which cannot be blamed at all as the masses do not know how these bottle caps can be used for the development of very useful and creative things. If you are a person who did not have any idea before about the importance of bottle caps then our advice to you is that you must thoroughly go through this article. As in this article we plan to share with you some of the best DIY bottle cap projects. The exact number of DIY bottle cap projects is countless however we have tried to cover some of the best DIY bottle cap projects in this particular article. The projects are as follows

  • If you are a person living in USA then you can easily prepare a nice map for yourself through the utilization of bottle caps. If you are living in some other country of the world, then still you can create the map of your country through bottle caps
  • Through effective utilization of bottle caps you can also prepare a nice propeller for yourself as well
  • A nice wall decoration can also be prepared via bottle caps. You can make different letters from it
  • Jewelry items through little bit of hard work can also be developed
  • Nice decorative magnets is also a possibility through bottle caps
  • A pleasant frame is not that difficult to develop through a bottle cap
  • You can also develop a flower card through bottle caps

These were some of the major DIY bottle cap projects which you can apply quite easily.

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