Diy Teapot Planters For Extraordinary Decorations

Diy Teapot Planters For Extraordinary Decorations

Plantation always gives a nice look to your home or a hotel and there is no doubt in this fact. However mere having of quality and expensive plants would not suffice for you. Rather you need to place these plants in a nice decorative setting. Major contributors in the presentation of your plants are the planters. Planters can also be purchased by you from the market however you can also create your own planters as well. The biggest advantage of DIY planters is that they look more stylish and unique. Several items can be used to make DIY planters however the topic of our discussion today is more related to DIY teapot planters.

The basic items which you will need for the preparation of DIY teapot planters are :

  • You need saucers and tea pots which are large and good looking
  • You need some flowers as well. you can select the flowers as per your liking
  • Get the drill and along with it safety gloves as well

Some basic steps involved in the preparation of DIY teapot planters are:

  • The teapot needs to be drilled from the bottom and holes need to be created
  • Get your hands on compost and gravel. Once you get it, fill the teapot with these items
  • Start planting your flowers in the third step
  • Decorate your pot with anything you like, there is no set of rules for decoration. use all your creativity in this regard

Our main goal was to give you a basic insight on the concept; we hope that the article will serve as a rich source of information for our readers. The first step is always hard however subsequently things will become very easy for you once you start the process of teapot planter development.